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Do you want to protect your important software with password so that no one can access it ? , then you are at right place . In this post I am going to show you one simple application which will help you to protect any software of your PC with password so that without entering correct password no one can access it. 

So whenever anyone open any software, he/she will be asked to enter password else he can’t access that software. let’s proceed and check out this nice application.

Steps To Follow :At first download the software named password door from below link ↓↓

Now install it in your pc, at the time of installing it will ask you to enter your desired password which you want to use in other software, just enter any password as per your choice.

Now you have successfully installed password door in your computer, your next task is to set password in your selected software.
Open password door, it will ask you to enter password so just enter same password which you entered at the time of installing.

After opening, click on Protect a Program and select any software as per your choice which you want to set password.

You can change your admin password , color, language, font and even you can disable password door from this window.
Now select any software and finally click on Protect.

Now you have successfully protected your software with password. Whenever anyone will trying to open it, it will ask for password.

  • If you want to remove password then simply select the software and click on Disable.

    • That’s It !! Your personal softwares are now password protected so enjoy freely without any worries.
      Note : If you are thinking that anyone can access any software by removing password door from control panel, then you are totally wrong because it will again ask for same admin password at the time of uninstallation :D

      Hope you liked this application of protecting  softwares. Feel free to comment below for any types of queries.

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      Facebook trick to add zoom effect on facebook photos

      Hi friends, Now you can easily add zoom effect on all photo displaying on your facebook account.  u just have to hover your pointer on the pic and you will seE A ZOOM EFFECT  , how can you do this then just follow these simple steps ..............

      STEP 1

      You need google chrome for this trick. You can download it from here. If you already have then proceed to step 2

      STEP 2.-

      Now add zoom effect extension to your google chrome 
      click on below link to add zoom effect.

      STEP 3.-
      Now open your facebook account and take the cursor on any pic and see the result it 
      will look Like This

      Just Hover your mouse there 

      [Note - You can enjoy this zoom effect only on your google chrome till you have installed zoom effect extension on itIf you facing any problem then comment below]

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